Friday, 30 September 2011

Sunny spaces

Another great day in London! A sun flooded terrace, very inviting.
Below our dining room and terrace, which have sun most of the day (due to the glass roof very sunny, but also very hot!). But then today is definitely for hanging out on the terrace, which I did this morning with friends, hence the flowers! But then of course I love to decorate the house nicely!
And isn't the light reflecting beautifully in the black vases. They are from Jonathan Wade
and I bought them on a visit to Cockpit Arts Studio, an award winning social enterprise that supports talented designers and artists.     
The kitchen table in the last picture just invites to sit down with a paper and a cup of tea, such a lovely sunny room that looks out onto the garden!    

( Elle Decoration May 2011,  Haeuser 2-2011)

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Late summers day

A glorious day - and this is how it started! Isn't the view from the top of Primrose Hill just great!

The evening with a nice glass of wine on the terrace and I just love the colour of the bracelet!
Muddy grey - what else could it be!

This is also the colour I chose for the bedroom below, which was inspired by the beach photo, then based on a nail polish colour, mixed by me from various wall colours, then scanned in and applied by the decorators. 

.....And apparently on to another gloriously sunny day tomorrow!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Decorex number two

A few more bits from Decorex that caught my eye!
The amazing and colourful display form Little Greene Company - what a great idea!
A lot of the exhibitors stand were very well designed and a pleasure to look at.

And here are some beautiful lamps from Tina Sethe from LaLou Ltd.  LaLou specialises in handmade bespoke lamps. The bases are made by collecting a wide range of authentic and strikingly beautiful objects from around the world. 

As I have some lamps where I am not happy with the lampshades, this will be my next port of call and pictures will follow. Though I am dreaming of the pair of lamps in the middle with the black and white base (I guess they were jars or vases in the past) - love them! Hope you have a good evening!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Really enjoyed the show toady, lots of interesting new things - a few below - and a great talk about blogging by Holly Becker from !
So, off to new inspirations...

Wall lights by Ochre - - lovely on their own but surely beautiful
the 3 of them together!

Door/ Cupboard Handles by Chloe Alberry, Portobello Road.

And the most striking marble bathroom installation by Livra (
Very classic and linear, but something you'd enjoy using every day!

And last the Love-sign above the champagne bar!

Muddy waters!

From muddy waters - isn't the colour amazing - to tableware in different shades of grey. And they wouldn't look out of place in my kitchen, or the one of Sylvain Guy.

(Elle decoration - Germany - 5/2011)
(Provence - House of Sylvain Guy)

Monday, 26 September 2011


And this is what happened after the unpacking....
Have a good night!

Birthday Monday!

Wrapping presents - I could not resist my favourite colours!
And look who was watching....

Have a great start to the week!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

The first one ......

I thought the first blog would be a "muddy" coloured one, but then these
Pictures caught my eye today - it was a sunny late September day today, so they catch the feeling very well. And then a little green thrown in for the fun of it.... it is after all my favourite colour!

Hope you will have a sunny and relaxing Sunday tomorrow!

(E&T, October 2009,
Elle, Net-a-porter Magazine 2010 and AD Germany)

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