Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Once in a while …

 … we agree to disagree - this is my husband and I …
Whilst we totally agree in our love of abstract art, I am sometimes drawn to faces and he would not like them to look at him … or just does not like them. So here now a few that captured my eye …

First Allegory by Andrew Salgado, seen yesterday at Art London at Beers Contemporary Gallery. A fantastic work, love it.

This portrait by Makoto Saito, seen at Paul Kasmin Gallery at Frieze a while ago.

Silver Flicker by Marilyn Minter

And last a work that I probably wouldn't put on my wall, but is fascinating by the way it was done. Have a closer look.
A work by Zac Freeman at Woolff Gallery.

Have great day. xx

(photos by me or from the mentioned web-sites)

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