Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Hotel du Marc

A few days ago in Reims ... we were very lucky to be invited for a champagne weekend away and had the privilege to stay in the Hotel du Marc, Veuve Clicquot's Private Hotel.

The former home of Madame Clicquot remained in the family since 1840 and was one of the 14 houses not destroyed in the first world war. In 2007, LVMH the labels owner embarked on a four year renovation of the property. Architect and designer Bruno Moinard has carefully connected the brands history with the heritage of the house.
Each bedroom is designed with a season, country and person in mind and each one of them is very well thought through and beautiful, as is the rest of the house.
Needless to say that after being wined (or better champagned) and dined, none of us wanted to leave this gorgeous place.

 ( photos my own, via LWSY and via Architectural Digest )

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  1. Wonderful photographie .. and what a great eye you have! :-)


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