Monday, 21 May 2012

Monday morning....

Muted greens for today!

All pictures from Pinterest, the last one being the bar at the Gramercy Park Hotel, one of my favourites in New York with it's fabulous interior and daring use of colour.
Have a good start to the week! x


  1. The first picture is breath-taking! I could watch it for hours...

  2. Wow - that first image is incredible! I love the slubby, moody elegance of the greens in the interior images that you've chosen. In fact green is one of my favourite colours when decorating. I particularly love the chalkiness of Farrow and Ball's French Grey, which can look green or taupe in varying lights. The jewel like colours at the Gramercy are wonderful aren't they - I've had a cocktail or two there in my time! Lovely!
    Paula x


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