Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Pink... for a rainy Tuesday...

I think we need some colour today again!

Off to Germany later today - hopefully I find some sun, or at least no rain! x

(all images via pinterest.com)

To  see what's on my bedside table have a look at Iced Vo Vo's Blog. Marina is featuring different bedside tables each Monday in her new series.


  1. beautiful inspiration!!!! The first picture is amazing... so beautiful and dreamy... :-))


  2. Very nice. Pink and grey is so elegant. Must wear more often . . .

  3. Oooooh - SO many of my favourite things! Firstly, I absolutely LOVE the combination of pink accents and grey or French grey walls (Farrow & Balls version is similar to your pic) I've used that mix in all of my homes. Love, love, LOVE Clemency Posey in the second image - and the colours AND outfit are divine too - if I had a wedding coming up, that would be my dream outfit! The blossom in image one is incredible - like something out of a fantasy. Really great pics - and you're right - we SO need some colour today - it's been miserable as hell here in Norfolk - although the fields are glowing almost florescent green with health which I suppose is the only upside to rain! Good luck in Germany. x

    1. Had the same thought today when I was leaving London, these yellow/green - lime? - fields against the grey sky looked quite amazing! Though quite happy to have found some sun here in the north...
      Actually just did the opposite at home - dusty pink walls and grey furniture - room not quite finished yet, but will publish some pictures soon. Caroline x

  4. As they say in my house 'pink to make the boys wink- but not here'
    Fabulous images Caroline-as always.
    I think with these grey days we are all craving a bit of colour in our lives.
    Have a lovely day,


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